Geriatric Gigolo To The Stars Reveals All

You know what we don’t have enough of? Elderly male gigolos spilling their guts on the rich and famous. Scotty Bowers has, thankfully, put a stop to the endless waiting around for a miracle; the 88 year old has published his memoirs, detailing his work with screen icons such as Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.

Nice try Scotty. You might have had us fooled with Spencer, but we know for a FACT that Katherine Hepburn was gay… oh. Oh you’re saying she WAS gay and you helped her find lesbian lovers? S’cool then. You carry on.

Apparently, the first time the well-greased gas attendant / sex slave met Hepburn, she was sporting a suit and very short hair. All this despite the fact that her agents had been pleading with her not to advertise the fact that she was gay.

Bowers claimed that Hepburn approached him with the following line:

“I know your reputation, Scotty. When you get a chance, do you think you can find a nice, young dark-haired girl for me? Someone that’s not too heavily made-up.”

Of course, the pair hit it off straightaway and remained pals for the next 50 years. Nowadays, however, keeping secrets isn’t quite as well-paid as publishing them all in a novel, and Bowers now claims he fixed Katherine up with more than 150 women. Ladette.

Next thing you know, his novel will be a biopic. Everybody loves biopics at the moment. And it’s a SEXY biopic too; move over Lovelace, you have major competition de futuro.

Are you going to read Bowers’ Full Service and find out all his sexy sexy secrets? YEAH YOU ARE!

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