Girl high after getting teeth removed at dentist

Ok, we know this isn’t really the usual thing that we publish here at Best For Film, but there has been a real lack of news lately now that The Dark Knight Rises has been released. What’s a film site to do? How about watching a very hilarious video of a little girl being filmed by her dad after having some teeth removed? We know there are a million of these videos on youtube but this one is really the best we have seen. It’s a slow news day. Sue us.

GOTCHA!!!! Ahhh…that was fun. Yes it is actually a very clever viral campaign for Sam Raimi’s The Possession which comes out in cinemas on the 31st August. Taking perhaps the scariest part from the trailer, the viral video plays very nicely on the frankly bizarre phenomenon of posting videos of people who are out of their minds after dental surgery. Things are really hotting up now for The Possession which also has a pretty scary motion poster too. Just don’t listen to it with the sound turned up too high…

The Possession is only being produced by scare master Raimi, not directed, which means that it probably won’t be all that good. But still, we’re looking forward to it. A lot. Find the full trailer for the film here:

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