Glee – the movie?

Before we all burst into tears (of joy or despair, depending on your love of sparkles), we have to tell you that a Glee film is not definitely in the making, only that certain facts about the Glee cast’s contracts have come to light. It turns out that those sneaky critters at Fox (cunning as a…?) thought very carefully about this franchise before they got their cast to sign on the dotted line, as they are all locked in for three feature films if the company so wishes.

Glee follows a misfit (read: beautiful) group of high school kids who all share one love – bursting into perfectly synthesized song and dance. It’s been a massive hit in the US as well as the UK for its quirky characters, dark comedy and ridiculous soundtrack. Fortunately for fans, all the main characters are locked in to a contract which states-

“[The actor] hereby grants Fox three exclusive, irrevocable options to engage [the actor] in up to, respectively, three feature length motion pictures.”

Whether they always knew they had a winner on their hands, or just that Fox’s contacts are always this super-friendly, it looks like Glee could be a part of our lives for some time. Although the second season has yet to air, the studio have picked up Glee for a third series based on its worldwide success so far.

So would you be up for Glee: The Movie? Or is it all too High School Musical sounding for your liking?

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