Gruesome first trailer for Elijah Wood’s Maniac

To be fair on our favourite Mordor-moaner Elijah Wood, he certainly has done his level best to separate himself from his Hobbity alter-ego. From a tap-dancing penguin in Happy Feet to a bespectacled serial killer in Sin City to pseudo-stalker in The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind; he’s a man who’s trying his darndest to showcase that he’s a proper actor. Anyway, FRODO DONE A NEW FILM! WHY YOU SO MURDERY, FRODO?

Wood stars in the rather grisly looking Maniac; a re-make of an 80s slasher about a serial killer who enjoys scalping his victims, placing their bloodied hair on mannequins and talking to them as if they were his dead mother. Splendid. Please bear in mind, this probably isn’t for In Work watching…

Delicious, eh? All joking aside, we do like to see Elijah do his sinister thing, and by all accounts this promises to be a dark, lovely-hair-based, properly grown-up horror. And all this from Alexandre Aja, the writer of Piranha – who’d have thunk it?

Have you managed to keep your breakfast down? Well done you.

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