Hailee Steinfeld as Sleeping Beauty?

If you’re not satisfied with the prospect of upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter, Jack the Giant Killer, two Snow Whites, Beastly, several Peter Pans, Red Riding Hood, Maleficent and a couple of Wizard of Oz prequels, never fear! The next fairytale project in the works is a revisionist (obviously) take on good ol’ Sleeping Beauty’s story.

The script, written by Laura Devlin, will take the audience into the slumbering princess’ mind after she has been cursed, with Beauty finding herself in a dream world that she has to escape from. Hailee Steinfeld, a real rising star after her Oscar-nominated turn in True Grit, has been attached to the title role.

While I love a good twisty fairytale as much as the next Grimm fan, the number of similar projects in the pipeline is reaching levels of absurdity. I know it’s a crazy idea, but can’t someone write something new?

What do you think? Bring on the fairytales or is it overkill? Let us know below…

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