Harry Potter Goes 3D

Soon we’re going to have to start dividing the modern film age into two eras- before and after Avatar. In a PA (post Avatar) world, it seems like if your film title doesn’t include the letters ‘3D’, you might as well not bother. At least that seems to be the reasoning of the Harry Potter production team, who’ve announced that the new film, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part One), will be given the 3D treatment in post production.

However, for those excited about being as immersed in Harry’s magical world as they were in Avatar‘s Pandora, cool those muggle boots. Sadly things aren’t that easy. Because the movie wasn’t filmed with the same 3D technology that Cameron pioneered we certainly won’t be seeing the same level of breath-taking effects. Nothing like, in fact. Still, the post production add on is only an extra $5 million for team Potter, and it means they can hike up the ticket prices all they like. Magical indeed.

Does the idea of Daniel Radcliffe’s pointy face in glorious 3D do it for you? Let us know!

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