Is George Lucas readying a third trilogy?

He’s forced Jar Jar Binks into our collective consciousness, replaced Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christiansen (on film, but never in our hearts) and tried to convince the world that Greedo shot first. Surely there’s nothing more George Lucas can do to pillage what remains of our treasured-yet-bleeding Star Wars memories. Well, as Jabba The Hutt would say; “ahahaha. Ohohoho”. There’s rumour of ANOTHER trilogy on the way. Just rumours mind. But still. enough to make the heart quake.

Whispers on the wind seem to think that Lucas is planning an entirely new series of films set in the Star Wars universe, though nothing will be confirmed until they’ve finished slowly abusing and sucking anything that was once good and converting the previous films to 3D.

No news yet on the proposed plot or any confirmation of this rumour, but when there’s cash to be made, these things usually get pushed through production. We’ll keep our ears open and pray that our beloved trilogy can finally rest in peace. But frankly, if Lucas can allow C3PO and R2D2 to help sell Curry’s coffee machines, literally anything is possible.

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