Is Neill Blomkamp teasing next feature with new short?

With District 9‘s influence clear in such films as Skyline and Monsters, it is easy to forget that Neil Blomkamp’s directorial d├ębut it barely one year old. With Skyline receiving scathing reviews, however, a Wired magazine featured video (via YouTube) brings the promise of Blomkamp returning to show his imitators how it’s done.

Boasting more tension and intrigue in 62 seconds than the Brothers Strause managed in an entire feature, this Blomkamp directed short shows two ‘dudes’ as they poke and prod an alien-pig carcass as a shrill score reaches feverpitch. Stamped with ‘18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA. US Inspected And Approved’, the Category 3 creature is suspected to have met its demise after escaping an industrial site visible in the distance.

Whether a found-footage video alone or a hint at the nature of Blomkamp’s planned follow-up to 2009’s District 9, there is no doubt that the video has some serious nerve.

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