Is X-Men: First Class getting a sequel?

Considering X-Men: First Class appears to be two straight hours of women wearing pants and things exploding, who can blame James McAvoy for being keen to get back on set? McAvoy, who is of course playing young Xavier in the X-Men prequel, has been chatting happily about the likelyhood of a sequel, and now it looks like director Matthew Vaughn is optimistic about the idea too.

Vaughn has talked openly about how he’d like the next film to begin should it get greenlit, stating ““I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto.” Happy with his ensemble cast as it stands, Vaughn has also said that he’d only want to bring one other character into the story:

“We will only have one more new character. I won’t say who he… I won’t say who he or she is! But we will only be bringing one more new character in. Because, I think, as Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with. Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can’t!”

And he’s not the only one with ideas for the sequel. In an interview with Hero Complex McAvoy spoke enthusiastically about where he’d like the characters to go:

“I’ve lots of ideas. I know Michael [Fassbender] and I are very much on the same page all the time, and we’ll be weighing in to protect that relationship between the two characters. The next movie, if there is one, shouldn’t just start off with them being pals again, but I think it also shouldn’t be like the first movies only set in the 1960s. If we get another, let’s not just make Magneto the bad guy; of course he’s a bad-ass and of course he has a whole different ethos, but making a movie that is black-and-white is going to lose the thing that we have in this one.”

So, the swinging sixties it is then; miniskirts and things exploding sound like a lucrative combination. A sequel will only be commissioned if the box office takings are pretty sweet for First Class, but to be honest, we’re not that worried. Breasts and explosions, people. They’re what this fine world runs on.

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