It’s a mad mad mad mad weekend for Shia LaBeouf

It’s been a busy weekend for everyone’s favourite is-he-actually-mental-now actor Shia ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE’ LaBeouf. The “troubled star” (copyright everyone), whose recent adventures have included nicking someone’s comic for his short film, repeatedly plagiarising people whilst trying to apologise and smelling. In his latest adventures, Shia has taken to quoting footballers from the 90s and, in the best traditions of Blackadder and the Lad Bible, wearing a bag on his head.

Exhibit A is from a press conference at the Berlinale, where LaBeouf is promoting Nymphomaniac his new film with lovable Nazi sympathiser Lars von Trier. In case you’re not an expert on the bons mots of mid-90s sports personalities, the trite line about birds and fish is taken word for word and water sip for water sip from a 1995 press conference featuring Eric Cantona, the footballer who had just kicked a fan for a reason we can’t be bothered to find out. You can find Cantona’s gnomic original at the end of the video.

Probably enough idiocy for one film festival, wouldn’t you say? Not for Shia, who followed up his press junket shenanigans by turning up on the Nymphomaniac red carpet like this:

Shia bag

(In case you’re out of the loop, that’s what Shia’s been tweeting every day for weeks. Just that. No, not even with a space in ‘any more’.)

This has sort of got to a point where even we are struggling to make a joke of it – either LaBeouf is engaged in a very serious, very involved piece of theatre à la Joaquin Phoenix, or he’s genuinely losing control of his situation. Check back later for a proper blog on what happens when someone (possibly) loses their mind in public.

EDIT: We’ve written an in-depth analysis of the way that Shia’s behaviour is being interpreted by the media (including us), and what we can take from it. You’ll find the article here.

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