Jai Courtney to star in Terminator reboot

Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Jai Courtney has been picked as the new face of the condomless human resistance in robot reboot Terminator Genesis.

Courtney, who has just the biggest face we’ve ever seen, will star as Kyle Reese, the human soldier who (in the original films, at least) travels back in time to defend Sarah Connor from the Terminator that seeks to kill her before she can give birth to the future leader of the anti-Skynet human resistance. He then ends up boffing her, thereby conceiving John Connor and fulfilling his own mission in a festival of paradoxes that could only have been overseen by James Cameron.

Following his recent appearances in Jack Reacher and A Good Day to Die Hard, Courtney is set to continue his series of apprenticeships to proper action stars by working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who returns to his iconic role. He’ll also be playing alongside Jason Clarke as John Connor and Emilia Clarke (no relation) as Sarah Connor.

We don’t have much of an opinion on Courtney; his biggest role to date, as Bruce Willis’ son in A Good Day to Die Hard, is hard to remember in the context of that utter abortion of a film. But then, does the actor playing Kyle Reese really matter all that much? Nobody’s out there streaming The Terminator because they just can’t get enough of Michael Biehn.

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