Jared Leto looks like he has AIDS for The Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Leto has decided to go for true authenticity for his role in The Dallas Buyers Club. Well, not complete authenticity, that would require Jared Leto actually contracting HIV/AIDS, and there’s no insurance company in the world that would write that off. Yet. The transmogrification looks rather painful, but he seems happy enough. That’s our crazy old Jared Leto for you!

This isn’t the first time Jared Leto has drastically altered his weight: he turned into a murderous chubster for Chapter 27, where he portrayed Mark David Chapman, the killer of John Lennon.

It really is remarkable how dedicated Jared Leto to his work. In The Dallas Buyers Club, he plays a flamboyant cross dresser suffering from AIDS. Matthew McConaughey, another AIDS sufferer, begins to smuggle in illegal anti-HIV medication from across the Texan border into Mexico. Fun times are had by all.

Here are our favourite (?) shots of an emaciated Jared Leto showing off his sexy new beach-bod:

Not to be outdone, Matthew McConaughey has lost all that Magic Mike beef. What we are left with is a string bean with a porno moustache:

What other films have demanded an enormous physical transformation? Can someone please get Jared Leto a sandwich or something?

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