Jeremy Irvine got trench foot filming War Horse

Jeremy Irvine, star of Spielberg’s hotly anticipated War Horse adaptation, has revealed that whilst filming he fell foul of the elements/poor personal hygiene and caught a case of trench foot (which you probably shouldn’t Google Image search). Something about this doesn’t smell right to us. It’s like, this is a huge Hollywood film – surely he could have gone back to his four storey trailer at some point and dried his feet with his gold leaf towels or something? Like, what’s the matter with you Jeremy? Do you just hate changing your socks? Is that it? Do you hate having baths? “I don’t want to have a bath, Steven Spielberg! You can’t make me!” – Jeremy Irvine, probably.

Irvine, who spoke to The Guardian about his toe woes, said “there’d be […] scenes where you’re just soaking wet. I got trench foot. The soldiers used to get it all the time”. The weather was also apparently so bad that Spielberg himself fell in a hole filled with ice water (You’ve Been Framed, anyone?), whilst producer Kathleen Kennedy has finally spoken out about her boot-related trauma during filming: “Even when you had your wellies on, sometimes you’d just take a step and one would be left stuck in the mud”. Good on you, Kathleen. It was brave of you to tell your story.

The film opens in the UK on January 12 2012.

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