Jessica Alba Gets Her Belgium On

We’d never thought we’d thank Belgium for giving us Jessica Alba in yet another ‘bikini assassin’ guise, but hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways. And after all, they did give us Tintin.

The fiesty young starlet is set to star in Insiders, a Belgium comic-turned-film. Surely this will be a breeze for comic-savy Alba after blowing the minds of 14 year old boys and seriously confusing a lot of girls everywhere in Sin City and Fantastic Four. 

The story centres on a Columbian assassin who is as beautiful as she is deadly as she is wearing tiny shorts. At the request of The White House she infiltrates a powerful political mafia organisation and becomes bodyguard to one of the most influential leaders. So far, so bloody brilliant. Sounds like Tomb Raider mixed with The Bourne Identity with with.. well, Jessica Alba. What more can you ask from a film? 

Alba herself seems to have a lot of faith in the project, as she’s put up a large chunk of money in order to buy the rights to it. And frankly, if she believes in it, so do we. After all, if there’s one thing we like about Jessica Alba, it’s her sound business sense.

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