Jesus Christ Bollywood Superstar!

A major Bollywood studio is to adapt the life of Christ for a musical film.

Aditya Productions, which will be shooting different versions of the film to cater for four different languages, believes its venture will be a first for Indian cinema.

Western fans will be able to enjoy an English-language version, and the film will also be available in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

The film will reportedly be shot in India and Israel on a $30m budget, and will focus on the childhood of Jesus. It is not yet clear whether it will discuss the ‘Lost Years’ of Jesus’ life between the ages of 12 and 30 – nothing is known about his movements over this period, but many believe him to have travelled through India and Kashmir, where Buddhist ideals could have affected his later ministry.

Alternatively, there could just be lots of shots of him dancing on top of a train. It’s all good.

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