John Carpenter interested in a Dead Space movie

John Carpenter, legendary horror director who gave us classics such as The Thing, Escape from New York and Halloween, has expressed interest in adapting the Dead Space computer game series from Visceral Games into a movie. Although nearly every single computer game movie in the past 1000 years has sucked, John Carpenter would be the one director we would trust to nail Dead Space: The Motion Picture.

The Dead Space story goes like this: an engineer gets stuck on a space station/hospital prison asylum hotel/ice planet Hoth (whatever floats your spaceboat) and must fight against abominations that evolve from the dead bodies of former inhabitants. These “Necromorphs” (yeah we think the name is pretty badass too) are all bloody and explode and exactly what John Carpenter was made to recreate on the silver screen.

The most apt comparison would be, naturally, John Carpenter’s The Thing, which also featured an alien hijacking dead bodies and morphing like there’s no tomorrow. Remember when that dog’s head exploded in a massive flower made out of tongues? Those practical effects are precisely what the Dead Space movie needs.

Don’t expect to see John Carpenter’s Dead Space anytime soon, he’s only just said that he’d like to do it. The last time a big name horror director was associated with a video game adaptation was George A Romero‘s screenplay for Resident Evil, which got him fired from the job for being “too like the game”. Nice choice, Capcom!

Can you imagine the buckets of blood and KY jelly John Carpenter’s Dead Space would need? Are you as excited for this idea as us?

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