John Cusack & Emma Roberts in Adult World

John Cusack, finally accepting his fate, has begin starring in low-budget pornogra– what? Oh. Adult World is actually the name of a regular film. But Emma Roberts is starring in it, so there’s always a chance. The first shots of Adult World have been unleashed on an unsuspecting and vulnerable world, and they’re rather nice looking. John Cusack is sporting a scarf and looks morose and introspective. That makes a change, doesn’t it?

Adult World is, in fact, a coming-of-age satire. Be fearful, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, John Cusack is prepared to deflate your pretentious and hipsterific genre! Emma Roberts plays a poetry graduate (who knew there was such a thing) who is convinced she will be the next Carol Ann Duffy (no idea who that is). Suddenly realising that the odds of this happening are the same as her growing a third arm, she gets a dead-end job in an adult bookstore named (drum roll please) Adult World. As a hobby, Emma Roberts begins stalking her poetic hero John Cusack, who inexplicably decides to become her mentor.

When we say inexplicably, we of course mean explicably:

Despite our exceedingly sarcastic tone, we’re actually rather excited for Adult World. John Cusack, pornographic literature, poetry, Emma Roberts, douchey hipster students and a man whose name is ‘Rat’ – it’s all looking rather lovely.

No word as to when Adult World is expecting a release, but remain patient – we’ll get some sultry John Cusack action when he’s good and ready.

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