John Malkovich To Fight Zombies?

Has anybody heard of the upcoming zombie romance movie, Warm Bodies? Currently in pre-production, this looks set to tell the tale of a self-aware zombie who falls for the very much alive girlfriend of one of his victims. That’s right; zombie and human love affair. Shudder.

I mean, that’s pretty original, right? Whoever heard of a film where a member of the undead falls for a member of the livi…

Oh, Twilight. My mistake.

Regardless, the film has a pretty awesome cast lined up and recent rumours suggest that John Malkovich is in talks to play the role of General Grigio, a man intent on bringing down the masses of the undead. So, in short, we’re going to be asked to feel sorry for the zombies and think that the humans are assholes. Interesting; at least we know for sure Malkovich can rock an awesome villain.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, and based on the book by Isaac Marion, the story promises to deliver something “scary, funny, and surprisingly poignant”, exploring the warmth of love and the cold heart of a male zombie that is tempted by human emotion.

Hmm. From sparkly vampires to romantic zombies, we’re not quite sure how we feel about these newfangled undead concepts at the moment. We’ll have to reserve judgement for now…

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