Ken Jeong to star in some dreadful nonsense

Oh, Ken Jeong, you horrible abrasive fucknugget. People seem to enjoy you for one or two minutes at a time when you pop up in the Hangover films, waving your hilariously undersized penis around and being all zany and loud and so on, but do you really think they’ll be able to cope with an hour and a half of virtually unfettered Jeong madness?

Well, Lionsgate obviously do. Jeong has just been cast in romantic-ish comedy The Chung Factor (formerly The Ex-Factor), in which he will play a relationship coach employed by a nice but unlucky-in-love everyman in an attempt to stop his newest relationship sinking without trace. However, when Chung (as we must assume Jeong’s character will be called) realises that Nice Guy’s new girlfriend is none other than his ex, he goes mental gets his cock out tries to sabotage their fledgling romance.

Jeong’s manager Brett Carducci is producing, with a script from newcomer Andy Selsor. It’s going to be shit, isn’t it? Yep. Going to be shit.

Precisely how shit do you think The Chung Factor will be? Let us know below!

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