Kristen Stewart considering role in Snow White

Hot on the heels of the Charlize Theron casting news, we have heard rumours that Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame is being lined up to play Snow White in the new serious take on the fairytale, Snow White And The Huntsman. Now that the Twilight franchise is nearing its end, Stewart will be in need of work and it will be nice to find out if her range extends beyond pouting and looking miserable.

Emily Browning of Sucker Punch fame is also being considered, although neither of these actresses could now be called a ‘fresh faced newcomer’, which is what the producers were after. Still, with Charlize Theron and now potentially Viggo Mortensen already signed up, does the film really need an unknown? Won’t there be a bigger draw if the cast is stuffed full of A-list stars as opposed to randoms picked from the street?

Either way, we wait with baited breath for this piece of casting news to resolve itself… Our money is on Stewart for being slightly better at the damsel in distress thing.

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