Life of Pi teaser and photos released

Remember Life of Pi, that book with the boy in the boat with a huge tiger or something? Sounds really unsafe if you ask me, but to each his own. Anywho, a few months back, the first image was released from Ang Lee’s upcoming film version, entitled Tiger Boy Boat or possibly Life of Pi.

Two months down the line BFF is pleased to announce that a whole (five second) clip has been released! Plus some boring photos! What is it with films releasing boring photos these days? Are films getting boring-er or are our brains getting more smart? It’s definitely one of the two.

Anyway, let’s put ourselves out of our joint misery and take a look at this new-fangled website, where you can catch that teaser.

Oh look it’s that tiger again! Hello there, tiger face. GROWLY GROWLY! We have a feeling those kids will put their differences aside and not eat each other’s faces but you never can tell, not in this day and age what with all the happy slapping.

And if you can’t be bothered to go and look at the website, here are the images from it. As you can see they’re all kind of wishy washy and watercoloury and don’t show us anything important like the fact that TOBEY MAGUIRE and GÉRARD DEPARDIEU are in it. Where are they? Are they inside the tiger?

Life of Pi will be hitting cinemas on the 21st December. Are you as excited as we are?

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