More Avengers photos!

Here at Best For Film, we like to give our adoring public all that they desire. Accordingly, here are five thousand more photos from the upcoming superhero-fest Marvel Avengers Assemble. Hot on the heels of a bunch of promo shoots from the film itself come a wad of delicious behind-the-scenes snaps which sadly don’t feature anybody on the toilet/eating from the buffet table. We’d love to get a look at the buffet table on a big film like this. Imagine the vol-au-vents!

What we like most about these photos is that director (and BFF fave) Joss Whedon pops up in almost all of them. Here he is, for instance, showing Samuel L Jackson an invisible priceless vase.

And here’s a pic of an unnamed character. As you can see, they’ve been made impossible to identify due to the clapper board in front of their face. Joss, is that you?

This is Jeremy Renner, firing some arrows. Notice the green wall in the background. In the industry, this is referred to as a “green screen” and is capable of dark, dark magic.

Here’s Joss again! Hi, Joss. We like your layered tops, that’s sensible when you’re not sure what the weather’s going to be like. Oh and Mark Ruffalo! Didn’t see you there. When are you going to turn into the Hulk and smash things?

Lastly, here’s Joss showing Chris Hemsworth an invisible baguette.

So what do you think? Don’t get us wrong, we are genuinely excited for this film, but if we see another boring photo we might have to get all Black Widow on their asses, put on some leather and shoot everyone involved with a relatively small gun. Or, you know, we could stop relentlessly researching this film and just quietly wait for its release. But that would be betraying everything Best For Film stands for.

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