More Looper images released

With Rian Johnson’s Looper hitting our screens this September, four new official images of the film have been released online. The year is 2042 and time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but it will be in 2072. Joseph Gordon-Levitt earns himself a tidy wage as a ‘looper’, killing those sent back in time by his criminal mafia bosses thirty years in the future. Except one day, it’s not just a stranger with a hood on who travels back in time to meet their death at the hand’s of Gordon-Levitt’s special ‘looper gun’, it’s his future self, played by Bruce Willis. Willis manages to escape and Gordon-Levitt is in big trouble. He has to hunt down and kill his future self or be killed by the people he works for. Gripping stuff. Riddled with time travel issues of course, but gripping nonetheless. Check out the official images below. There’s Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) looking all sexy but vulnerable in some feathers, as well as Jeff Daniels’ anoraked villain. Mostly though it’s just Gordon-Levitt desperately furrowing his brow and letting his face do its best impression of Willis’ jowls.

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