Murray continues to dither over Ghostbusters 3

Why Letterman, why? Why did you bring up Ghostbusters 3?

If you watch the interview on a recent Late Night with David Letterman show, Bill Murray can’t seem to hide the tinge of exhaustion which seeps onto his face after being asked about the possibility of a third movie.

In all fairness, however, Letterman acknowledges that it is a “tired question”; tiring not only for Murray, but for Ghostbusters fans too. Frankly, Murray (whose costar Dan Aykroyd recently claimed he “doesn’t want to know”) can’t really complain about being asked the question time and time again. The exhaustion we see during the Letterman interview is partly self-imposed, seeing as he has not yet given us a concrete answer about plans for Ghostbusters 3.

The overwhelming interest from Ghostbusters fans in the possibility of another sequel works in Murray’s favour, of course. After the mixed reception of the second movie it’s possible that Murray wouldn’t want to damage the much-loved franchise by getting involved in a shoddy third film, hence the way he swats away annoying questions with a metaphorical script, and is entirely justified in doing so. Ghostbusters fans wouldn’t settle for anything less than the “really good script” that Murray describes and claims he is waiting for. On the other, Murray’s indecisiveness isn’t exactly appealing either. Looks like Dr Venkman is either going to have further invest himself in Ghostbusters 3, or choose to opt out of it for good.

By Marc Moutinho

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