National Treasure 3 Gets Writers

It’s been confirmed that the National Treasure franchise is to get a third installment. Legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) has hired Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, writers of the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, to pen the third film in the franchise. The films follow the adventures of historian Benjamin Franklin Gates as he solves mysteries of the past (think Indiana Jones with Nicholas Cage – but with less hat and whip).

While they received mixed reviews from critics, the National Treasure films are big money spinners for Disney. The first film made almost $350 million and the second went on to make even more. And when a movie series makes that much dough, it’s likely that Hollywood will keep churning out sequels for years to come. Roll on National Treasure 4!

Are you up for more National Treasure movies? Or should Cage leave the adventuring to Indiana Jones? Let us know below!

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