New Avatar Trailer Blows Our Tiny Minds

OK, so over the past few days we might have been skeptical about Avatar. It’s only natural, cynical buggers that we are, that when a big-ol’ hoohar is made of a new film our shackles tend to go up.  The louder the fanfare, we find, the damper the squib.

And then suddenly, every once in while, something will come along that might you think, or even just ponder for a second, perhaps, that all the hype might be justified. Hello new Avatar trailer.

Only this isn’t your usual fuzzy Youtube link. Far from it – this is some crazy Next Generation wizardry going on right here, right now. It’s a small app downloaded onto your desktop that not only contains the latest trailer but a whole mixed-media salad of interactivity, linking trailers, design shorts and cast profiles in one delicious minty package. You can even have it quietly humming away in the background, continually updating Twitter and Flickr feeds.

OK, so the whole thing is little more than a slightly fancy toy pulling various strands of advertising together, but wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s fun to play with and to look at and to generally spend time messing about on. And it does actually make us look forward to Avatar that little bit more. The way our logic goes, if this tie-in app is cool then the movie’s gonna be cool.

That’s how it works, right?


You can find the Interactive Trailer here.

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