New Avengers images showcase…erm…

You know that phrase, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” We’ve helpfully updated it for the modern age. It now goes “If you can’t give us really f*cking interesting Avengers shots, just let us get on with talking about rubbish Mirror Mirror looks.” To cut a short story long, we’ve got some new pictures from Marvel Avengers Assemble, and once we’ve stopped bitching about them you’ll be allowed to take a look.

We’re already aware that it’s too late. We’ve seen Iron Man. We’ve seen Iron Man 2. We’ve seen The Hulk, we’ve seen Thor, we’ve seen Captain America and we haven’t seen Black Widow because no-one would ever make it. We’re already sold. So why bother with photos that aren’t totally bad-ass? Who knows. Let’s just do this. OH MY GOD IT’S MARK RUFFALO WEARING A SUIT

Who wants to see a HULK SMASH when you’ve got the juicy lapels of Bruce Banner to feast your eyes on?

Captain AmeriSAD

A low-key Loki

Jeremy Renner midway through one of his infamous Jennifer Lawrence impressions

It’s Chris Evans’ quiff!

It’s Chris Evans’ crushed quiff!

Samuel L Nick bringing the Fury. Eyepatches are tricky to pull off aren’t they? Tricky.

Chris Hemsworth, Thorly missed

Robert Downey PJr

and, of course, the token breasts. Can’t be saving no world without them.

Are we getting senseless caustic? Or do we deserve more than photos of Mark Ruffalo’s day wear? You tell us…

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