New Hunger Games trailer is pretty much like the old trailer

With only seven weeks until the release of young adult gladiatorial dystopian thriller The Hunger Games (try saying that with a mouthful of Jennifer Lawrence), what’s being called “the final trailer” has been released. And it’s… scarcely different from the last trailer, to be quite honest.

A lot of the shots are exactly the same – the bit at the Reaping, where Lawrence replaces her sister as Tribute, is much as it was, although we get to see her passing over the medallion which is also the film’s logo. Then it’s just a couple more training montages, a sparkly dress and we’re off!

…yep. That’s it. Don’t get us wrong, we like the trailer a lot – it’s just so similar to the one from November or whenever. We’re hoping that there’s so little new footage because any more would risk spectacular spoilers!

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