New poster for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Shooting on The Hobbit has finally wrapped after enough time for Tom Bombadil to run out of trite nonsense to talk to trees about, and Peter Jackson has wasted no time in rolling out a beautiful new poster for An Unexpected Journey. Part one of the two-part film is due out in December (after an outing at Comic-Con), and Jackson’s made the sensible decision to hit us straight in the nostalgia with an image that harks back to our cherished memories of the Shire in LotR.

It’s not even that special, is it? And you’re still practically fainting with Hobbit-lust, because you know that under all those little hillocks are the dear wee men with the whacking great feet. GANDALF YOU’RE HERE TO WELCOME US HOME!

Calm down, listen to this and start practicing your Elvish – only five months to go!

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