New Rubber Trailer

Rubber is something of an odd concept. It’s about a tyre called Robert (and that isn’t even the weird part yet), who awakens (gains congnative abilities. A tyre that’s suddenly aware. WTF) to find ‘himself/itself/who-the-hell-knows’ abandoned in a desert wilderness. Free wheeling around the American outback, little Robert discovers it has telepathic abilities. Essentially, he can destroy anything the hell he wants. Here’s the new trailer:

And so begins Quentin Dupieux’s (AKA electro god that is Mr. Ozio) film of ‘no reason’. Just watch the trailer before you’ve made your mind up about this. It should be awful, but it looks utterly brilliant. I personally hope that somehow, little Robert can get himself nominated for some form of Best Actor. Pirelli could suddenly become an acting school. People will start naming the wheels of their cars. I’ve already gone with Terry, Philip, Clare, Smithy and Luther (can’t leave the spare out can you. He might make your head explode by way of revenge. Apparently).

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