New Shrek Posters Online

And they’re pun-tastic. Which, frankly, is all we ever really want from our ogre-based entertainment.

In the wake of the massive marketing push for Toy Story 3, it’s almost easy to forget that Shrek 4 is also nudging ever closer to our screens, albeit in a slightly less noisy way. The story, as far as we can tell, will follow Shrek making a Faustian pact with Rumplestiltskin, to see what life would be life if Shrek never existed. After the deflated release of Shrek 3, we’re not too sure whether to be apprehensive or excited. But brightly coloured posters help. Have a looksie.

shrekposter 1

shrekposter 2

shrekposter 3

shrekposter 4

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