New Super 8 Trailer

J.J. Abrams is a clever man. He never likes to tell you much about his films before you’ve got the chance of seeing them for yourself, but rather, allows you to yearn to know more. He must be an impossible individual to live with on the run up to Christmas; “What have you got me J.J?” “Awh I couldn’t possibly tell you… I can show you this viral website I’ve created that will build your excitement about the present to near trouser-exploding levels of anticipation, and I can show you this trailer that gives you the tiniest insight into just how epically cool my present for you is – but that’s all you’re getting for now.” He could make socks and a new toothbrush exciting.

And thus, the new Super 8 trailer, aired during last night’s Super Bowl, brings us a few more hints as to what the hell this new Romantic-Sci-Fi-Monster film is actually about; grubby boys and exploding things. Apparently.

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