New trailer for About Cherry

Things of note that Ashley Hinshaw has done 1) was entirely unimportant in Chronicle, 2) starred with Miley Cyrus in the REMAKE of a high school ‘comedy’ ‘movie’ called LOL. Come early 2013, the third interesting thing she’s ever done will be to rocket to the forefront of the nation’s perverted mindhole with About Cherry.

In a tale that probably neatly represents Hinshaw’s actual situation, a young girl moves to San Fransisco and is lured into the lucrative world of porn. Sure, the film claims to be an ‘exploration of the porn industry’ but really it’s an excuse for some gratuitous nudity and some girl-on-girl action. I’m sure the producers told Hinshaw she was part of an artistic vision, that she was a star, bringing a powerful inner beauty to the role of a damaged girl, but really they just wanted her to take her clothes off. Her character ‘Cherry’, for reasons that aren’t really explored, but presumably money and a crippling lack of self-esteem, decides to get involved in porn, meets a rich coke-addict, makes a load of money and then feels bad, or something. Really, what can you possibly discover while exploring the porn industry apart from learning that somethings aren’t as bad as you thought, and some things are much, much worse. James Franco (127 Hours) plays the sexy coked-up lawyer and Heather Graham is some kind of porn director mogul. Personally, I hope they reference the fact that Graham is also familiar with the other side of the screen playing a porn star in The Guru, a film that was at once both sexier and more interesting than this looks. But whatever, you’re all going to go (Porn on the big screen!).

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