New trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

With only days to go before The Avengers hits our screens, it’s nice to remember that we’ve still got Spidey-love chugging away in the background like a faithful, frustrated wife. Only a couple of days ago we heard that Marc Webb was excited to see people’s reaction to his new origin story – one that focusses far more on Peter Parker’s parents and the mystery of their disappearance. Well, there’s a new trailer for us to swallow, and it’s all starting to fall into place:

Watch! Enjoy! Bask in confusing sub-titles!

To be fair, a lot of the footage is pretty familiar to that of the Feb trailer, but it’s nice to get a proper look at Rhys Ifan’s Curt “SHIT IT’S THE LIZARD” Conners, as well as some glimpses of Martin Sheen and Emma Stone as Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacey. The focus on Peter’s parents is overwhelmingly clear, and we’re just relieved that pesky “first person” game-esque perspective is nowhere to be seen. All in all, THIS IS GOOD.

Got till July to wait though, don’t we? DAMN YOU TIME.

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