New trailer for The Tall Man

As titles go it’s not the catchiest, but we’re prepared to give The Tall Man the benefit of the doubt. It’s the first English-speaking movie from French director Pascal Laugier, famous for controversial, violent torture-fest Martyrs and as topics go, child snatching is a fairly safe bet if you want to make a disturbing horror movie.

Cold Rock is a small creepy town in backwater America, sounds like the ideal place for nurse Julia (Jessica Biel) to come and live in a large scary house with her small son and his inexplicably large head. The town’s children have started going missing in their droves and the locals are blaming it on a mythical bogeyman The Tall Man. Obvs nurse Julia is much too streetwise to believe such nonsense – that is until her own son gets taken and she sets off on a forest rampage to get him back. She falls in a bog and seems to single handedly take down a school bus, but we can’t really gauge much more. Given the horrifying turn of events in Martyrs, there’s bound to be some really dreadful deaths, children being tortured and a big nasty twist – sounds like a summer blockbuster all the family can enjoy

Check out the trailer and that child’s enormous head below

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