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Casting your eye around for a new release to watch? Bored of the old stuff, and looking for something spanking fresh? We’ve got all the info you need right here. All the latest film releases are listed below, so if you see something you fancy, there’s no need to dely your cinema trip. Enjoy!

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Perrier’s Bounty

perriers bounty
Starring Cillian Murphy, Perrier’s Bounty seems to be a pretty run-of-the-mill mobster chase, with Cillian playing Adam, an Oirsh boy who owes a thousand quid to a big bad mobster. He goes on the run with his lover and his Dad (Jim Broadbent) around the valleys of Ireland, but the bad guys are never far behind. Reviews are mixed, with some critics labelling this as a fun dark comedy, whilst others lamenting the lack of original story or pace. One to judge for yourselves, we reckon. At least the makers can be safe in the knowledge that, no matter what, it can’t be as bad as Leap Year.


Shank is a kidult action flick, set in a decaying London in 2015. A gang set out on a chase to avenge the murder of one of their own, with all the inner-city grunge and reebok trainers that entails. Initial reviews have been rather patchy, with talk of cliche set pieces and shooting above its budget, but it seems to have gleaned admiration for it’s realistic portryal of younger gang culture. It’s being billed as an action flick for the young generation, so if that’s your bag, we’d check it out.

Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang

nanny mc
Set in 1940s England, Nanny McPhee returns with a tale of warring families, in a battle between town kids and country kids. Maggie Gyllenhaal stars this time around, as the mum of 3 boistrous children, left to run a farm whilst her husband is at war. When three stuck up London kids are evacuated to her care, battle commences, and it’s only by calling in the world’s most terrifying nanny that peace might be enforced. Written and starring Emma Thompson, this seems to be a smart, interesting and colourful comedy for little ones who want a bit more from their film viewing than things exploding. Perfect family fodder.

The Blind Side

blindside sandra
Sandra Bullock gives an (apparently) award winning performance in this sweet drama about a young homeless black kid who gets taken in by a well-off family. Through their care, funds and support, he discovers all he can be, cue American Football cliches and lots of soft focus lighting. The fact that it’s based on a true story adds a lot of bite to this fluffy story, but ultimately it seems that audiences are left a little baffled as to what Sandra actually won the Oscar for. (Read our review here)


Mike Judge bring us Extract, starring Jason Bateman as a man who runs an extract (as in vanilla, almond etc) factory. He’s stuck in a mundane marriage, a dull life and wonders (in this rather Coen-esque set-up) where his life is going. Enter Hot Young Girl (played by a wide-eyed Mila Kunis) and suddenly, the factory isn’t so dull anymore. It looks to be a low-key, clever little comedy, with a surprise cameo from Ben Affleck as a stoner best friend. We’re up for it.

See anything you like? Let us know what you think of the latest releases, we’re always looking to broaden our knowledge. Check back next week for our reviews!

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