Paranormal Activity 4 gets a release date

Now don’t even pretend you’re slightly surprised. The most expensive Paranormal Activity film cost less than 5 million dollars to make, and Paranormal Activity 3 alone took a body-levitating $203 million last year. Thems are maths that keep on giving. Anyway, the long and short of it is, we’re getting another Paranormal Activity film. It’s being released on the 19th October (Halloween o’clock) 2012. It probably won’t be great, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore.

As yet there’s no information as to what this fourth stride into the world of frightening found-footage will entail, but genuinely, what shaky-cam horrors are left to uncover? We’ve had demons, witches, possessed kids, attempted sex tapes and earthquakes. Paranormal Activity: This Time It’s Dragons? We’ll bemoan the information as we get it…

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