Paranormal Activity 4 trailer arrives

Lock up your doors and barricade your windows! No, not to stop any ghosts from getting in (they can come through the walls dumb ass), but to stop yet another Paranormal Activity trailer from getting inside! We’ve watched it and believe us there is nothing good in it. We are generally all big girls’ blouses here at BFF and even we did not remotely lose our collective shit. Still don’t trust us? Fine then watch it for yourself if you really must.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Paranormal Activity was pretty good. Not brilliant, but it was inventive and spooky. We just resent it for opening the door to all kinds of other found footage horrors which we have had to sit through for years now. We also hate it because it meant that Oren Peli was allowed to make Chernobyl Diaries… Our main problem with the Paranormal Activity 4 trailer is that it just isn’t scary. We’ve seen hundreds of creepy possessed children on film over the years and in a list of our top ten this little douchebag just won’t make the cut. You’re no Damien, mate. Sorry.

The story behind this one appears to be (it is all still very hush hush) that possessed duo Katie (Katie Featherstone) and her nephew Hunter have moved into a new peaceful suburban neighbourhood (as demonic types do) and begin to start upsetting the residents (the blonde chick) with their satanic breaking and entering ways. Sounds awfully thin doesn’t it?

If you are looking for children who love the devil stuff then horror guru, Sam Raimi’s The Possession is out in cinemas on the 31st August. We recommend that instead.

Really? You want Paranormal Activity 4? Fine, it is out on the 19th October. We’re surprised it’s not being released on Halloween…

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