Pirates 4: new poster gets all fish-sexy

Ohh we do spoil you. We’ve brought you a Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides teaser trailer, a lovely first look at Johnny Depp in full regalia and now we’re bringing you an exclusive new poster. A sexy poster. A sexy mermaid poster with sexy mermaids on it. The mermaids have different coloured hair depending on the colour hair you’d like your mermaid to have. Yeah!

Here you go, you lusty fish-mongers:

Sailing straight towards an island full of what looks like serious eye-patch candy, Captain Jack Sparrow will certainly have his work cut out for him trying to find the Fountain of Youth. Thank God the current mermaid hair trend isn’t a jaunty bob, is all we can say, scaly baps would be all over the bloody place.

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