Prometheus 2 finally gets a writer

Prometheus 2 is going ahead, despite fairly major criticisms against the first return to the Alien universe by director Ridley Scott. A writer for Prometheus 2 has finally been hired, and Variety reports that it’s Jack Palgen, who wrote the upcoming Wally Pfister directorial-debut Transcendence. Prometheus 2 will see the return of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, arguably the only two consistently amazing things about Prometheus, as they continue to investigate the alien origins of humanity.

Jack Palgen seems to be a good choice for Prometheus 2, although he is a relatively unknown quantity. Transcendence will tell the tale about scientists attempting to achieve the technological singularity, where computer intelligence becomes so advanced that they can design better versions of themselves quicker and more efficiently than the humans who first made them, thus starting the most profound change in all of human history. This all takes place around vehement objections from luddites who fear the whole “enslaved-by-robots” thing from The Matrix. FOOLS. ROBOTS ARE WAY AWESOME.

The strong sci-fi concepts in Transcendence has many similarities to the ones in Prometheus, we think you’ll agree. All we can say is good luck to Jack Palgen at untangling the mess that Lost-writer Damon Lindelof left you.

Although Ridley Scott will be producing Prometheus 2 and any further sequels, it’s unknown whether he will be returning to the directors chair. We hope he does – although Prometheus had a lot of problems, he’s still one of the most accomplished directors out there, and the series deserves his continued directorial attentions.

How did you feel about Prometheus? Are you excited for Prometheus 2, or did the first one sour you to the whole mystery-mongering?

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