Puss In Boots gets a second trailer

If you’d told us after Shrek 2 that Puss would be getting his own film, we would have been SUPER-PSYCHED. It was clear back then (oh glorious back then) that Dreamworks were onto a winning formula, that artistic integrity was at the forefront and that nothing, literally NOTHING could go wrong. And then… Shrek 3 happened. And now we trust no-one. It’s the only way we don’t get hurt.

The second trailer following the adventures of the feline fighter has been released, and it’s, well, it’s exactly what we expected. Full of “he’s a cat, but HE ACTS LIKE A HUMAN BUT SOMETIMES HE ACTS LIKE A CAT” jokes, a generic plot involving some vaguely evil force that must be overcome, and a massive egg. Alright, we didn’t expect the egg part.

We’re clinging to the hope that Antonio Banderas wouldn’t have signed onto this flick without good reason. But then, he did agree to like seven different Spy Kids films…

Puss In Boots will be released over here in December. Keep the faith people. Don’t let them take that away from you.

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