Repo Man 2, Repo Chick?

The 80’s were a funny time. Shell suits, pop tarts and so much cult cinema, blockbusters were the stuff of legend. One such cult classic was Alex Cox’s Repo Man, starring Emilio “The Mighty Ducks” Estevez. Obviously hankering for a return to simpler movie times, he has returned with the spiritual Sequel Repo Chick.

We are most definitely not putting this on our must watch list, mainly because the whole thing looks like a follow up video to Aqua’s Barbie Girl – and no one needs that. But with seasoned veterans Rosanna Arquette, Xander Berkeley and Migual Sandoval all in attendance, there might be more to this one than meets the eye. Perhaps with the obviously cheap green screen effects, Cox is taking aim at those Hollywood blockbusters who spend millions but then release films with shoddy CGI effects (yes Underworld trilogy, we’re talking about you) so we’ll reserve judgement until the film is released. Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

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