Russell Crowe takes on new role…as director

Russell Crowe, award winning actor and Aussie brawler has decided to add a new accolade to his gleaming achievements by becoming the director of a new Bill Hicks biopic. The first time director will get behind the camera next year to start filming the script which has been written by his old school friend Mark Staufer (whose only credit includes being the second assistant camera on double feature Barracuda and Island Fury…)

It seems then that Mr Crowe is giving an old pal of his a leg up in the world…which just goes to show what the POWER OF CROWE can do for struggling cameramen. (We say struggling, we really have no idea. But Barracuda looks dire so he must be…) Originally Russell Crowe was asked to play legendary comedian Hicks in the film but decided that after shooting a few music videos for his wife’s band that he is now a director.

Bill Hicks (for those of you who don’t know) was an American comedian, musician and satirist who died after losing his battle with cancer in 1994 aged 32. In 2010 he was voted the 4th out of 100 greatest comedy legends.

So far Crowe has not even begun to cast the project yet, so he had better stop filming his wife and get on with something important.

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