Sand Sharks trailer released

They’ve conquered the sea. They’ve conquered the swamp. They’ve even conquered Samuel L. Jackson. But now it looks like everyone’s favourite aquatic killing machine has a new element in which to spread their fear: the sand itself. Cue the trailer for the gloriously awful looking B-movie Sand Sharks. It does what it says on the tin (as long as the tin lists the ingredients as poor CGI and bikinis). Seriously, dudes and dudettes, check this shit out:

Breasts! Sharks! Dirtbikes! Loud music! Flamethrowers! Lame authority figures! Guns! Scantily-clad bottoms! Sharks!

It could be so wonderfully bad. That said, we’ll try to reign in the excitement for now: all too many grindhouse exploitation flicks throw away their potential for cult status by going the way of Megashark vs Giant Octopus. They get lazy and end up being forgettably mediocre, rather than truly abominable.

Nonetheless, we’ll keep our spirits high and our emergency bikinis (and mankinis) on standby, because this one has the potential to be truly, passionately bad. Just when you though it was safe to go onto the sand…

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