Screening of The Beast Must Die: Roxy, 29th May

Just a cheeky one: if you’re a South-bound horror fan with nothing to do on Sunday 29th May, it sounds like you should get your lovely, permanently-clenched-with-delicious-fear bottoms down to the Roxy Bar and Screen. There’s a screening of the 1974 classic The Beast Must Die as well as an introduction by Kim Newman (author of the utterly brill Nightmare Movies

The Beast Must Die comes from the legendary Amicus, the studio that dripped blood and stars Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing and Michael Gambon. A wealthy businessman and skilled huntsman summons a handful of guests to his home for the weekend, one of whom has a taste for blood. It’s up to the others to seek out the monster before the full moon fades…

“super sweet dose of 70’s werewolf camp with a top-notch cast and music” – Eat My Brains

The Beast Must Die is a horror classic in every sense of the word. It has it all: horn heavy bow-chica-bow-wow Seventies theme music, a badass soul brother as the lead character, some surprising gore… and one of the true masters of our genre; Peter Cushing” – Dread Central

Tickets are a mere seven quid, and it sounds like it’ll be a stellar night for all you horror aficionados. GO FORTH, YOU GORE-HOUNDS (and by “forth” we mean here)

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