Serial Killer Days gets the go-ahead

Short film director Mark Carter has been shopping this project around for seven years now, and it looks like his persistence has finally paid off. Paramount have given the green light to Carters adaptation of novel Serial Killer Days and have named Dan Dubecki (Thank You For Smoking, Up In The Air) as producer.

The 1996 novel tells the story of a small town in Minnesota, where an annual visit from a serial killer has become a celebrated institution. The bizarre festival consists of a fair, a parade and ultimately a murder, which apparently the residents of the town are completely okay with, as the celebrations boost local trade.

The story definitely sounds a bit more intriguing than your run of the mill slasher movie and it will be interesting to see what sort of a slant Carter decides to take with the movie. Could he go for the horror spoof vibe or will he choose to keep it dark and sinister? One thing that we have been assured of is that there will “be lots of blood”.

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