Serkis to help direct The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has chosen his second unit director for the ongoing shoot of The Hobbit – Middle-Earth veteran Andy Serkis.

The actor, who plays Gollum (obviously), is currently producing and directing a film called Freezing Time, a biopic of pioneering photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge. He has also been dramatic director for a video game.

However, the key role of second unit director – particularly on such a massive production – will be a superb stepping stone if Serkis aims to make a transition to the technical side of cinema. 2UDs are responsible for directing many of the shots which don’t require the director’s personal input – tracking shots, close-ups, cutaways and so on – and it’s not unheard of as a way for aspiring directors to win their spurs. We’re starting to think there’s nothing Andy/Ian Dury/Gollum/Kong can’t do…

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