Seven Psychopaths get posters

Yesterday we brought you the trailer for Martin McDonagh’s brilliant looking Seven Psychopaths and now we have some rather nifty character posters to give you as well! Let it never be said that we aren’t good to you all. The posters have a pretty uniform look and apparently the nineties are back as lime green appears to be the colour of choice Never the most flattering shade but somehow on a Shih Tzu it just seems to work.

So the trailer looks hilariously good (thank you McDonagh), but surely someone would have been able to come up with more dog related puns? repeating the Shih Tzu thing twice seems a bit pathetic really. It should have been on all of them or just one!

Seven Psychopaths is about Marty (Farrell), a struggling film writer who is trying to finish his screenplay Seven Psychopaths (clever eh)? Searching for some inspiration, Marty decides to hang out with his friend Billy (Rockwell) a dog-napper and his partner in crime Hans (Walken). However things go disastrously wrong when they accidentally steal a little Shih Tzu belonging to psychotic gangster Charlie (Harrelson) jeopardising all of their lives.

We are pretty excited about Seven Psychopaths but sadly will have to wait for a while as it is not due to hit cinemas until the 7th December. If In Bruges was anything to go by then it will definitely be worth the wait.

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