Shia LaBeouf vs. Tom Hardy

Of all the self-aggrandising pomp surrounding the three-time Sam Witwicky – that he’s been drunk on set, dropped acid to prepare for a role and sent Lars von Trier an unsolicited sex tape – perhaps the most difficult claim to believe is that he fought Tom Hardy and won.

Nevertheless, Hardy–who has to date played a professional wrestler, Gotham’s reckoning and The Most Violent Prisoner In Britain–has confirmed reports that the Transformer star “knocked him out cold” on the set of new movie Lawless. Because of course he did.

According to the film’s director, John Hillcoat, the stars’ on-set behaviourĀ mirrored that of their respective characters’. LaBeouf was apparently so aggressive that he unnerved Mia Wasikowska, something that–if true–puts her just below Katie Holmes’ fear of her own movie in the Hollywood wuss rankings.

Should you want to check out Lawless to see if Shia Labeouf’s new method approach has made him anything other than unbareable to watch, we won’t stop you. We’ll be too busy rewatching the new Twilight trailer as it’s the only thing that makes sense to us anymore.


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