Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises posters are worryingly similar

After the crushing disappointment of The Dark Knight Risesapparently interesting viral campaign (it turned out to be nothing more than a way of plugging the IMAX locations which will be showing a DKR preview before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), we’re not feeling very festive as far as Team Nolan’s concerned.

Fortunately, Chris has gone some way towards cheering us up by wheeling out a rather snazzy new poster for the impending Batman threequel – and unless appearances are very deceptive, he appears to have charitably knocked one up for competing superhero reboot The Amazing Spider-Man as well.

Notice any similarities? They’re both classic Nolan posters – shadowy figure stands alone in a location with very poor lighting and either bad weather or exposed brickwork. We actually quite like the Dark Knight Rises poster – Bane is going to be an utter badass, after all, and the broken mask is fun – but what on earth is Spidey doing looking so grumpy?

Let’s look at the evidence. The Amazing Spider-Man poster is virtually all in monochrome, and it shows Andrew Garfield’s masked hero backed into a corner and very conspicuously alone. Alright, so he’s got an interesting shadow – but so what? It doesn’t even make sense, anyway, it should be the other way up.

We’re just rather concerned that dear Peter Parker might be going a bit emo, and we don’t want that. One of the highlights of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was how well he brought the comic book hero to life, complete with his trademark wisecracks and infectiously upbeat attitude – Spidey should be a superhero who actually has fun while he’s beating up villains, not another gritty and realistic Nolan-alike moper. Nobody’s denying that Nolan has done extraordinary things for the superhero genre, there’s no need for every reboot to ape his interpretation of Batman. Cheer up, Pete. Please?

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